Am I really that likely to be threatened or attacked with a knife?


Ofcourse we hope not, however, the figures speak for themselves. London is the highest risk.

You will be trained to deal with many knife related scenarios and defences that can be applied quickly and effectively regardless of gender, size or strength.

Knife crime in England & Wales increases by the largest margin ever

Office for National Statistics (2018)

Knife crime is a persistent and worrying concern…it’s at a seven year high…with London recording the highest rate of offences

UK Parliament (2018)

Knife crime has surged by 16 per cent in the capital

Met Police (2018)

London bloodbath continues to spiral out of control

 The Express (2018)

Rise in serious violent crime in England and Wales, especially knives

Financial Times (2018)

Met warns of steep rise in gun and knife crime – 42% and 24% respectively

The Guardian (2018)

Knife crime soars by almost a quarter amidst warnings

The Telegraph (2018)

London’s bleeding

The Economist (2018)