What type of techniques and training do you cover?


Our syllabus is based around the most common street attacks. This is why it makes it so relevant and useful to normal people wanting to learn self-defence to protect themselves and their families.

We follow a rotating syllabus. The idea is that the basics are drilled constantly so that they become second nature. Once you have attended a few lessons you will start to see the benefits of what we teach and how those techniques and movements fit together. If you remain consistent in your attendance then we will cover anything you might have missed:

We cover:

1) Street striking techniques;
2) Fight finish strikes and pre-emptive moves;
3) Escapes from headlocks/chokes;
4) Pre-fight indicators and situational awareness training;
5) Resisting and escape from a multitude of grabs and holds;
6) Pre-emptive defence against weapons – knives, bottles, guns, batons, baseball bats, sticks, shanks etc.;
7) Most common ground fighting scenarios and defence/escape techniques;
8) Switching from passive to controlled aggression state; and
9) Adrenaline management and control.

Krav Maga is the most effective self defence and fitness training system in the UK today

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