Why is it called CATSDG?


CATSDG stands for Civilian Anti-Terror & Self-Defence Group.

Krav Maga is the self-defence system we use. This was developed by the Israeli Defence Forces (‘IDF’) and is used by law enforcement, tactical and military units around the world.

To be more specific, we teach Urban Krav Maga, which is tailored around real life day-to-day scenarios and the most common street attacks that affect normal people, both standing up and on the ground. It’s practical, efficient and can be learnt relatively quickly.

The London Bridge Terror attacks involved multiple knife attacks. The Nice Terror attack in France also involved multiple stabbings. We train a wide range of armed and unarmed defences, hence this part of our name.

Please note: We do not claim to be Terrorism experts or come from an Anti-Terrorism Unit, nor is that our objective. What we care about is helping normal people to have the knowledge and know-how to address common unarmed street attacks; and for those keen to learn, armed attacks involving knives, shanks, guns, sticks and bats. We are very clear about this. We also do not claim that you will be able to single handedly disarm a team of highly trained and heavily armed individuals by undertaking a single course / lesson with us. Common sense is required. The learning process is never-ending for all of us.